Thursday, January 24, 2013

Return to 2003 recalling ten years ago of WOW

“World of Warcraft” so far has been around for eight years, but in fact WOW can be traced back 10 years ago.At first “World of Warcraft” only has six players optional race. Union consist of Six races .1
Human:The shape of the human (especially the hair and the body ratio) may make today’s players stunned
Night Elf:The first night elves more taller slender and weaker than now
Dwarf:Dwarf Uncle modeling not changes in later, but the dwarves Aunt change greatly, her waist become slender and the facial expression is also much more kinder and gentler than before
Orc:We can find “Warcraft II” shadow particularly obvious from the orcs, very stupid and brutish, there is no trace of “humanity” in the whole body from top to bottom.
Tauren:Six races, the only no change is the Tauren, from beginning to the present, this model has never had a change. And to some extent, can think Tauren design is the most successful in six races.
undead :Early undead more shorter than now,each part proportion disorders, but the basic cast action has been forming.

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