Sunday, January 27, 2013

GW 2 let you become fashionable people

Everyone hope have own personality, have own style, and different form the crowd, including players, when we playing in the game, we hope have distinct personality and style. but sometimes in the game, get a good equipment but not like the shape, sometimes like the shape, but not satisfy with the ability, how to choose? The dyeing system and change system in guild wars 2 can help you, let you become fashionable people easily.

You can replace the shape between the equipment and equipment, can combine the beautiful appearance in your own property, to do this not only can save equipment resource, but also save our time, each player can be dyed costumes, hairs and other elements to create your own personalized style! GW 2 players can use more than 400 kinds of colors in their equipment staining, and each armor has three colored position change.

Play game, to be a fashion people, to create you own beloved role, more experience, click here

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