Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What harm use the plug-in on the game?

Today, Aion official punish 208 plug-in roles, ban the accounts in aion permanent, they do the real action to safeguard the fair of the game environment

So what is the plug-in? Plug-in means some people use their specific computer technology to changing or cheating a part of software program in one or more online game, now many game itself has been to    automatic detection the plug-in, but the plug-in technology also constantly improve. We should take more attention that.

What harms use the plug-in on the game?

1 plug-in will modify and destroy game data, cause game data lose and slow.

2. Account and password not in security when you registration in some plug-in, it will prompt players enter the account and password, and steal them, you will lost virtual items.

3. they are hidden lots of virus in the plug-in, these plugs are not make by game developers, their contents can not be approval and guarantee, they will steal the user's computer 
information, damage to the computer program, let the computer can not work.

4.let the players lose the fun in game, if you use the plug-in for a long time, you will lost the fun and exciting in the game, and will influence fair, friendship.

Let us resist plug-in, so that we can be more enjoy the onlinegame

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