Thursday, May 9, 2013

In Depth Guide On How The GW2 Market Works

In Guild Wars 2, the market works very differently from other game as I know. This is because, when selling in Guild Wars, you would be told the buying price for the highest bidder. This allows you to earn the most money nearly instantly. Unfortunately, due to the fact that nobody would be selling the same item for a lower than the highest price, flipping items is no longer possible. We need delve into the Gem market, which is similar in most ways but does have a couple differences. Understanding how all of this works will allow you to make better decisions when both buying and selling items. So the method which I would recommend is following.
High Population Affects Sales Times
This one is probably the most obvious, yet the most misunderstood. There are an unknown number of players in the game at any given time (as the market is cross-world), and a lot of people do their shopping at the same times (since it can be done anywhere). This means at some points your items will sell instantly and others they won’t. This, in turn, pushes the volatility of Guild Wars 2′s market even higher, as the prices can drop or raise pretty much instantly. Along with this, it decreases the chances of one person (or a small group of people) being able to completely dominate one of the sectors. It’s still possible with enough gold, but the risk is high considering how quick the market moves.
The Hot Items Gear
Most things in Guild Wars 2 have their place on the market, although some are wanted much more than others. When it comes to gear itself, there are different tiers.
Materials are a whole different animal. Every material has at least some value. Some materials, however, are found in such abundance that you really can’t make anything off them, while others are so rare that they are worth a lot.
The Spread
Often times, you will find an item that has both buy orders and sell orders that are spread out. The risk is that the market can sway up or down at any point. If you’re planning to use this method, it’s best to go with common materials and such, as there’s always a market for them.
Gem Exchange
Now that we’ve covered the rest of the things, it’s time to move on to the gem exchange. When you’re looking at it, you will see a chart that shows about a week of prices. It always starts in the Gold → Gem setting, so if you want to go the opposite way you’ll need to click on the “Trade Gold for Gems” button.
There’s a lot of gold that can be earned on the Black Lion Trading Company, but it’s a very risky situation .Be careful with your speculation and avoid risky investments, especially if you can’t afford to lose.If you are looking for a full guide on all professions and a complete leveling guide for GW2 then check out

Diablo 3 Auction House Temporarily Closed --summary the information and update

Auction House_Bidding_Currency
As a result of Diablo 3 gold copy bug arise, the gold and real-money Auction Houses offline in the Americas, According to Blizzard community manager said, they immediately carry out the repair work, from now on they don’t have a detail answers when will the Auction House be available.
After BUG repair work completed, Blizzard will assess the event to determine the need for rollback. The players involved in this copy will be in accordance with the “Diablo 3″ abuse of game specification and be punished.
As you may have already seen in the Breaking News window (or discovered while trying to load up the Auction House once logged in), we’ve brought both the gold and real-money Auction Houses offline for maintenance. After the release of Patch 1.0.8 this morning, we found that some players were exploiting a bug that enabled them to duplicate gold through the Auction House. We’re working on fixing the bug right now, and bringing the Auction Houses offline helps us troubleshoot in a more stable environment while preventing further exploiting. Community Manager Lylirra Specifically for this issue gave detailed answers
Q. When will the Auction House be available?
We don’t have an ETA just yet. Our priority at the moment is (of course) to fix the bug and make sure it can’t happen again. We know this is an inconvenience for some of our players, so we’ll be providing updates in this thread as soon as we have any details to share.
Q. Will there be a rollback?
Our priority is to fix any issues with the game client first—that’s what we’re working on right now. After we’ve addressed the situation, we’ll need to determine whether or not a rollback is appropriate. We know this is an important issue for all of our players, so we’ll be sure keep you informed of what’s happening and will provide any updates in this thread, as well.
Q. Will players be banned for using this dupe?
We’re currently in the process of reviewing the accounts involved and taking appropriate actions, including temporary locks, suspensions, and/or bans. Our exploitation policy for Diablo III can be found here, which should give you an overview of the kinds of activities that are and aren’t cool within the game.
The fate of those who took advantage of the bug remains unclear; Blizzard said in its initial announcement of the auction house shutdown that it has begun the process of “reviewing the accounts involved and taking appropriate actions, including temporary locks, suspensions, and/or bans.” Click read more for all the game details!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How to think about the future of WoW animations

I’ve been a big supporter of wow due to they have so many moves with so wonderful animations Now the game animations market competition is extremely intense so WoW needs new animations?
The argument could be made that WoW’s animations are pretty good. Making a change simply for change’s sake would be a diversion of resources. But it seems to me that, with all the talk about updating character models, there’s at least some room to discuss updating our attacks as well. Most classes use the chosen race’s special attacks (you can see what they are by using a model viewer program, or Wowhead’s model viewer) with specific ones like Dragon Stomp, Special1h, Special2h, and so on.
Each race has a directed spell case, a omnidirectional spell cast, reactions to various effects like drowning, being strangled. These animations have been expanded over the years as new abilities have been added – it would be a mistake to think World of Warcraft is using the exact same animations it had when the game launched. A great deal of work has already gone into the art assets for character animations, especially as new races and classes have expanded the game.
These animations are often made more distinctive by the addition of spell effects – for example, a paladin using Divine Storm and a warrior using Whirlwind use the same basic attack animation, but the paladin’s attack incorporates spell elements of the Holy Light and glowing hammers whirling around him to make his attack distinct from the warrior. The question becomes, is that enough? And do we need class specific animations, or simply more animations across the board?
Honestly, I advocate a mix of the two approaches. I think we should probably have each class get at least one animation only that class uses, potentially for a new ability that will help up the class distinctiveness, but I also feel a couple of new specials per race would help as well. I’m not heedless of how animations have expanded over the years, so I don’t think the system needs a total revamp the way some argue for character models. Visual flair is surprisingly important to players, and it extends past how they look in their gear, it also includes how they look in play.  They should add some new elements in whatever the next expansion turns out to be could definitely benefit the game, especially if it provided some individuality per class or racial choice.
I think it’s great to see that Blizzard realizes that the same old animations aren’t going to cut it as we move further along with this game and it’s great to see some new moves while fighting.If you are looking for a full guide on all professions and a complete leveling guide for wow then check out

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Discuss the role of core skills balance and difficulty of Diablo 3

Players point out that there are two major problems with Diablo 3 game, The first is the role of skills balance, quickly through the monster’s skills become a variety of build core, players damage output rely solely on the repeated release of a single AOE spells that can cause a lot of damage. Secondly, Enhance the difficulty of the game is too simple and essentially no change, only different is digital.
Players listed ways to improve,Seems that the purpose of an ARPG is to demonstrate three primary concepts :Strategic placement of character,Strategic use/placement of skills,Ability to quickly respond to environment and patterns.
Consequences of these decisions should become more severe with level, as mistakes slow progression while time pressures increase. Additionally, as levels increase, complexity should increase, making the game about fast pattern recognition and the ability to solve complex problems with limited resources.
In this regard, the community manager of Blizzard reply, while agreeing with the issues raised by the players, but the solution is not so simple. Blizzard wants to be able to listen to the views and suggestions of the other players on these issues.
1. The most popular builds do not account for position. Barb WW builds, monk TR builds, and DH strafe builds are unaffected by pathing, and there are no environmental effects to consider, anywhere.
2. The key builds do not significantly consider the placement of skills. There is typically only one skill utilized, and that skill typically does massive AOE damage centered on the path of the player.
3. Complexity and speed do not change. The game does not alter fundamental mechanics between Normal and Inferno. Speed does not change. There is ONLY the scaling of damage and health, with the exception of a few monster affixes, most of which are not particularly strategic, but instant and automatic.
Either way, this is a great discussion. I’m curious to see what other players think and have them weigh in on two points: whether or not they agree with your premises and how they’d personally like to see the game evolve to improve on those areas. For more information about Diablo 3 you can visit the official site.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

New computer game rejuvenating people! Play ten hours makes your brain three years younger

Traditional concepts, many friends believe that computer games can “corrosion” the player’s brain, let Indoorsmen and Indoorswomen unable to integrate into real life. The game negative effects have been much criticized by people. However, some scientific studies also show that the game has many positive effects, such as we have reported to improve your child’s reading ability, fostering children’s creative thinking, as well as the treatment of movement disorders of children. Similarly, for the elderly, the game can play a positive side.
According to reports, a product called Road Tour brain train game recently has been successfully developed, Playing one for just ten hours could actually make your mind three years younger, scientists claim – and the effects last for at least a year. On average, their brains were three years younger overall – but in one test of speed and attention they were almost seven years younger.
The professor of health management who ran the tests attributed the ‘remarkable’ results to the range of skills needed in the relatively simple game. Professor Fred Wolinsky, who has no financial stake in Road Tour, said: ‘We know that this can stop the decline and actually restore cognitive processing speed to some people. So, if we know that, shouldn’t we be helping people?  ‘It’s fairly easy and older folks can go get the game and play it.’ The game, which can be accessed online for a fee, involves remembering two things – a vehicle and a road sign.
At the start, the player is shown either a car or a truck and told to remember it. The vehicle is encircled by a series of symbols which includes one road sign and the player also has to memorise the sign’s position. Later in the game, they have to identify the vehicle again and the position of the road sign. As the game progresses, the amount of time allowed is cut, the car and truck shapes become more similar and the amount of distracting and irrelevant information increases. While the task may seem simple it has been designed to hone a range of skills, including processing speed, memory, peripheral vision and attention.
Professor Wolinsky said: ‘These functions are critically important in everyday life.’ Peripheral vision, for instance, is crucial to safe driving, but declines with age.For the professor’s study, almost 700 men and women aged 50-plus were given either Road Tour or a computerised crossword game to play. Some played under supervision in the lab, others took the games home. Results of a battery of mental exercise tests done at the beginning of the study and a year later showed their worth. ‘On average, their brains were three years younger overall – but in one test of speed and attention they were almost seven years younger.’
Serious situation in the aging of the population, the elderly, entertainment, social concerns for their children, as to allow the elderly to play online games, we are selective blindness. In fact, for the dwelling older people at home, the game is perhaps one of the best forms of entertainment.For more information about game  you can visit theofficial site.