Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guild Wars 2 is the number one best-selling game on Amazon

Guild Wars 2 is the number one best-selling game on Amazon,
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Column: Picking a Profession

Alright, time to go over my personal checklist before ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 is released next week. Guild Wars logo Razor mouse, check.   Working Mic, check.  Chair adjusted to perfect gaming comfort, check.  Enough snack food and drink supplies stashed next to the PC to last a week, check.  Race decided for my first character, check.   Profession decided for my first character… oh crap!  I can’t decide!  I’ve played them all, but which one will I decide on? Maybe I need to go over them real quick. Allow me to indulge this final week’s panic check-list, will you?
Let’s start with my favorite profession from the original Guild Wars, the Necromancer.  The Necromancer is the wielder of dark magics.  The Necro loves to attack the soul and the life force of their enemies.  They see the soul as a weak point.  If they have to break through the weak shell that is the body, they would prefer to decompose it slowly, causing great pain.  They also see an old battlefield as a place of great opportunity, as they raise the undead to act as their own personal army.
Now, the Necromancer isn’t the only one that has help.  The Ranger has its own personal helper.  The Ranger never goes on a hunt without their trusty pet.  It’s nice to know that while you’re adventuring in the wilderness, you always have back up.  The Ranger also likes to keep their distance, using a bow to strike out an enemy before they are even seen.  But don’t count the Ranger out in a close combat situation.  They’re well-versed with blades both large, and small, to finish off their enemies.
The Thief is new to the land of Tyria, using a unique fighting style that focuses on agility over pure raw strength.  The Thief is calm, and collected, mapping out every moment of a fight in their head.   Come in fast with daggers, striking vital spots of the body to cause bleeding.  With the enemy crippled, maneuver behind them and finish them off with pistols. Yeah, the Thief is all about precision.  And they aren’t afraid to do some flips, to add some flash, either.
The Thief isn’t the only new profession.  The Engineer brings some new tactics to the battlefield, focusing on the use of gadgets and new technologies.  While they can’t use a wide variety of weapons, their skills with pistols and rifles are unmatched.  Using turrets and grenades, to support their allies from afar, the Engineer is a great addition to the large selection of professions.
The Warrior is the true master of weapons.  They don’t try to add flair while using a weapon.  They get straight to the point, using the weapon for what it was made for; either cutting an enemy in half or smashing skulls in.  The Warrior is a veteran from the original Guild Wars, bringing simple hack first and ask questions later mentality to the battlefield. There’s nothing wrong with playing a character that shows no fear.
The Elementalist is another veteran coming back to the battlefields of Tyria.  Wielding the awesome forces of the natural elements, the Elementalist can bring a storm of chaos to brew over enemy forces.  The Elementalist may be a bookworm, having studied for years to master magical forces, but they aren’t afraid to let rage guide them.  Using lightning and fire to destroy their enemies, the Elementalist gives a relentless barrage of elemental fury!