Thursday, July 26, 2012

The thinking about the Guild Wars 2 after BWE3

One of player play Guild Wars 2 about 20hours in this BWE3, he have try a little exploration in various occupational roles,  tracy from IGSHOPS give you're the article about  his thinking about the Guild Wars 2 game
Guild Wars 2 is very obvious game although have some ointment in the game, but for the overall architecture is very perfect, the small details can modify in the future.
1.  the task system
I think the most innovative in this game is that you do not have access to the task, you will have different experiences every time when you do the task since the random map and events. We can move around to take risks, we can help some peoples to do the task ,Even if I am the latest to join also can rich a reward! In this mechanism, encourages player to adventure!

2.  the design of pictures.
The arts in GuildWars 2 is really surprised, especially when I entered the city of mankind. Every little detail is worth exploring. When I explored it, I want to know his history, we are amazing each NPC and the architectural style in each region 

3、Occupational characteristics
for example, engineering first only have one gun or hands rifle to choose, but with the level rises, super backpack skills switching, max and match, Basically, each class is very unique, with a pile of pet to playing the enemy'. That is too difficult to imagine.