Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rovio has released the new game”The Croods”

Rovio had released the new game The Croods,the croods is an animated films, Rovio adapted this film into a mobile phone game, use Android and iOS as platform, the characters and scenes of the game is the same as film, this game is a simulation by the primitive people.
This game plot is very simple. Claude is a primitive family, game players should be help them evolving from the stone age. this family needs constant migration, earn a living form feeding and hunting, they should been found and tame a new species along the way. You also can choose get the help to invent form Grug, of course, you also can hunt, collect various magical creatures, this according to your own way to play, create your own old stone age form the croods.
Rovio is entertainment media company, it was founded in 2003, started in the mobile phone game, they had developed a lot of winning game in different mobile phone platform, such as Darkest Fear, War Diary: Burma , Bounce Boing Voyage, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Star Wars , Amazing Alex, Bad Piggies. Let us review the movie scenes, it’s very exciting.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guild Wars 2 will change somethings to help the small guilds

ArenaNet designer Isaiah Cartwright was being interviewed by the <Forbes>, he admit they development team often discussed this question” is that Guild Wars 2 become too complex now” they had increased the amount of reward system, we can see the quantity of money risen sharply, new game contents nearly almost finished, now guild wars 2 real improvements is the game system, let it becomes more robust.
Isaiah Cartwright said: they intended to reduce threshold for the small association, help them more competitive, more influence. This is good news for the small guild.
Please see the followings interview from FORBES

Tell me about the new additions to GW2.
We’ve been reworking on a lot of rewards and giving people lots of goals and achievements to accomplish. We’ve redone the daily system. We added currencies. And we made a new dungeon type called the Fractals of the Mist.
Probably been the biggest change that you’d see when coming back: We’ve been improving the rewards and balance of people’s time versus the things they get out of it.
Why have there been so many additions to the game?
As we were looking at the play patterns of players, we noticed they were getting through the last step of progression in our game faster than we wanted them to. That would lead them to run out of things to accomplish. We didn’t want to get into a gear-grind scenario, so what we did was add a new tier rarity called “Ascended items.” We wanted to add a step in there to insure that people had a lot to do.
I’ve noticed you’ve added a lot of currencies.
We have somewhere around ten to fifteen currencies in the game right now. There are two main types, basic currencies and tokens. Basic currencies are gold, karma, the new laurels that we added, glory. They exist with you in your inventory at the bottom [of your UI]. The second type of currency we have are tokens. We use tokens in a number of different places, like the dungeons; they each have their own tokens. They show that you’ve beaten this dungeon.
We try to use currencies to split up the goals of players so that they want to do each of the different game types in different ways in order to earn the things they’d like to earn.
Tell me about the guild system.
We really wanted to make a system to encourage guilds to get together and play together. It can really help make a guild tighter knit and just enjoy the game together. And so we built these guild missions that you can go on, and we made a variety of different tiers and systems for them to go through.
Because the game is very large and there are lots of different types of guilds, we were looking at systems to make sure smaller guilds and larger guilds can kind of compete in the same space. It’s obviously a difficult challenge to do, because when there’s a lot more people in a guild, they have a lot more resources, people to organize themselves and those types of things. So we build a couple of systems in there to help us limit that.
We made all the guild content on weekly rewards, and we find that longer lock-out timers like that really help the smaller guilds catch up, because what the bigger guilds can do really, really quickly, the smaller guilds take a bit longer to do. We know there was an initial influence cost that was very high that a lot of smaller guilds weren’t able to get into it, so we’re looking at ways that we can improve that, make smaller guilds more able to compete on the influence gathering area.
But really, our goal for the system is so guilds don’t ever run out of accomplishments and goals they can work at together in order to overcome. So we’re going to add to the system and we’ll make sure we’ll add things for smaller guilds to really be able to compete in this space. But the goal of this system is to be rewards and goals and accomplishments for guilds of all sizes
So…do you think GW2 has become too complicated?
It’s a debate we have here all the time, especially when it come to the number of currencies that are around. It really comes down to when you want to reward someone for doing a specific type of gameplay. Because we’ve been adding a lot of reward systems, we’ve seen an increase in the number of currencies out there.
But we’re getting toward the tail end of the number of systems we feel that we can put in the game. We’ll be really working on improving the current systems we have and making them more robust.
I want us to slow down on the number of systems that we’re adding and polish up and clean up the ones that we have added so they’re easier to understand, with better UI for them, those types of things, that’ll be some of the stuff that we’re focused on in the future. One of the major goals of GW was to allow anyone to jump in and play. We have a team dedicated to making sure that it’s easy, and we’re going to continue to improve that process as much as we can.
One of the things we might do is not unlock the ability to get to some of these currencies until you get later on in the game. That way, they’re not overwhelming in the beginning.

Monday, March 11, 2013

GW 2:teach you how to solve the puzzle of Professor Portmatt’s Lab

GW 2‘ Portmatt located in the west of Bloodtide Coast, there have a very difficult puzzle is Professor Portmatt’s Lab, this puzzle does not require you to jumb, only solve an Asura puzzle. How to meet this puzzle? First came to the< Sorrow’s Waypoint>, and then tour to the west side of <Sorrowful Sound>, if at this time jump a window, please wait until it disappear.

Step 1: remove lighting towers in the room, the towers will interfere with your when you solve the puzzle. If you are a lazy man, only remove the lighting towers around console.

Step 2: when you removed the lighting device, you can use the console. When use the console, please do not stop dialogues, wait and quick to make a choice and answer the questions. If you click the second dialogue, the console will stop running, you need to destruction the lighting device again.

Step 3: You will find there are three buttons, a series of numbers in the three buttons, please see the followings, choose the correct sequence: 14 XX XX - 49 - XX - 0.02 – XX, you can use three buttons to adjust the matching digital, once match, then enter the portal. 

1st position
2nd position
3rd position

How to adjust the matching digital?
1. check out the 2nd position, if the digital is 49.xx ,please select other position. If the digital is 28.xxplease click <Enhance anti-grav field fabrication>, if the digital is 65.xxclick<Reduce rampulative induction>
2. check out the 1st position, if the digital is not 14.xx.xxchoose 2nd position click<Enhance anti-grav field fabrication>, and choose 3rd position click<Boost magneto-harness magnitude>, then check out 1st position’s digital whether is 14.xx.xxif not, please do the step again
3. check out the 3rd position, if the digital is not 0.02xxxchoose 2nd position click<Enhance anti-grav field fabrication>, and choose 1st position click<Increase cyclospringer frequency>, then check out 3rd position’s digital whether is 0.02xxxif not, please do the step again

The father of UO Richard Garriott’s new MMORPG works

Now more and more online games through the new ways “Internet” to obtain development funds, even the famous UO father Richard Garriott’s is no exception. Recently, he develop the new MMORPG worksLord British's Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues , raised the development funds through the famous public platform “Kickstarter”, up to now has already received US$680000.

The game's logo, original pictures and design had released, Richard Garriott’s said the game background based on stand-alone version of Genesis, it is committed to let some of the classic fantasy Cosplay element regression. Each game player has its own story, various ancient legend and risk spreads in many places, game player can choose to explore, seek to the fighting in the forefront of dangerous; or you can choose to a farmer, a blacksmith in a safe area. The world is full of opportunity and challenge, this only depends on your own.

The Shroud of the Avatar uses a detailed psychological analysis system to help the game player to create their own character, at the same time, have the growth system on the free role, you can freely choose own way, of course, must be responsible for everything you do. Let us see the following original pictures(these pictures come form 17173)