Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rovio has released the new game”The Croods”

Rovio had released the new game The Croods,the croods is an animated films, Rovio adapted this film into a mobile phone game, use Android and iOS as platform, the characters and scenes of the game is the same as film, this game is a simulation by the primitive people.
This game plot is very simple. Claude is a primitive family, game players should be help them evolving from the stone age. this family needs constant migration, earn a living form feeding and hunting, they should been found and tame a new species along the way. You also can choose get the help to invent form Grug, of course, you also can hunt, collect various magical creatures, this according to your own way to play, create your own old stone age form the croods.
Rovio is entertainment media company, it was founded in 2003, started in the mobile phone game, they had developed a lot of winning game in different mobile phone platform, such as Darkest Fear, War Diary: Burma , Bounce Boing Voyage, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Star Wars , Amazing Alex, Bad Piggies. Let us review the movie scenes, it’s very exciting.

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