Thursday, January 24, 2013

Return to 2003 recalling ten years ago of WOW

“World of Warcraft” so far has been around for eight years, but in fact WOW can be traced back 10 years ago.At first “World of Warcraft” only has six players optional race. Union consist of Six races .1
Human:The shape of the human (especially the hair and the body ratio) may make today’s players stunned
Night Elf:The first night elves more taller slender and weaker than now
Dwarf:Dwarf Uncle modeling not changes in later, but the dwarves Aunt change greatly, her waist become slender and the facial expression is also much more kinder and gentler than before
Orc:We can find “Warcraft II” shadow particularly obvious from the orcs, very stupid and brutish, there is no trace of “humanity” in the whole body from top to bottom.
Tauren:Six races, the only no change is the Tauren, from beginning to the present, this model has never had a change. And to some extent, can think Tauren design is the most successful in six races.
undead :Early undead more shorter than now,each part proportion disorders, but the basic cast action has been forming.

The gaps between reality and games

Why do so many people like to play game? form I played the game for many years, there are considerable difference between game and reality. the game gives us a lot of fun!

1. Driving in the game, the most comfortable is empty in the main road, although there also have traffic lights, but contrast the reality city which we lived in, you will think happiness in the game.

2. You can earn too much money and gold easy in the game world in everywhere, in the grass, in the enemy…..but it’s more difficult to earn in the reality.

3. You can use the combination of boxing to attack the enemy, hit him, stun him, killed him with the brilliant lighting effects, but you can not to do in the reality. we must control our own behaviors.

4. The characters in the game, you do not worry about what to do in the next, you can open the pause menu, and have the program to reference, but in the reality, the future it’s difficult to predict.

5. You should not care too much about the appearance of the characters, they never in dirty, never to do wash, never to take too much time in hair, and always keep young face.

6. Lost the something? can not beat the boss? death in accidentally? don’t be afraid, save point can allows you to make these mistakes

7. You need to how much experience that you can upgrade in the game, they will be clearly indicated.

8. You can stored huge number of items and equipments in the backpack or storage box, but in the fact , you can not put too much things in the small space. more game professions guidance, leveling guide, click here

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

GW 2: new features in Flame & Frost event

ArenaNet has released the first information about "Flame & Frost", the event will live on January 28th, will feature guesting, an improved achievement system and laurels, upgrades and new items in the Gem Store. see the followings new changes.

1.  Temple of the Silent Storm Week    2.  Improved Achievement System

3.  New Achievement Laurels          4.  Guesting

5.  New Utility Infusions and Ascended Amulets    6.  More Upgrades and Improvements

二:New Items in the Gem Store

you will find the new redesigned favorite items in the GemStore, will fun from Baby Quaggan Backpacks, Riding Brooms, the Revamped Box. More about the flame and frost event will released lately.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Perfect BOSS required what conditions

As a quality game, you are embarrassed to greet with others if you do not have a group of energetic BOSS! The game BOSS always let players to pain and happiness in the process of customs, feel the refreshing feeling never weaker than the plot, but variety of difficulty also let players clenched teeth. Exactly how regarded as energetic BOSS? We will talk about these perfect BOSS have 10 elements!
1. Difficulty
2. Skill
3. Volume
4. Stage
5. Other enemies
6. Process
7. Rewarding victory
8. Atmosphere
9. Enemy knowability
10.Roles setting
 Above points the most important thing is BOSS itself, He / she must have enough charisma and cunning patience, calm and low-key, Final BOSS need to integrate the classic characteristics of any game, Sinister and ruthless tough, This is the designers to create the original intention roles of the game
If you are looking for a full guide on all professions and a complete leveling guide for game then check out

Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to healthy to play the game

Online games, bring many players to a lot of funs, but how to healthy to play the game? please take attention to the following six points, these points will brings you more happiness play the game.
1. Do not sitting in front of the computer for a long time, if do that, you will easily eye fatigue, feet numbness, cervical pain, we recommended our players to feet alternately stretch, shrug, and stand up and walk around, see more distant and greenery.

2. Once your hitting something goes wrong, killing the boss failure, getting more the garbage equipment in playing the game, we advised you to stop the game, eat a mint, stood at the window, you mood will soon calm down.

3. When you feel lonely in game, try to talk to strangers, talk to more friends in the association, to take part the activities, or to organize a small activities, so that you will eliminate the loneliness and improve mood.

4. Be sure not to choose the poor environment place to play game

5. Do not for any reason to holding back urine, even at a very critical moment, it's best to go to toilet frequently, drink plenty of water, this is not easy to urinary tract infections.

6: During the game do not eat too much instant noodles, green tea, red wine, soy milk, yogurt, bone soup, mushroom soup are good health food, can enhance immunity, anti-aging, sterilization, reasonable meals is very important.