Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mandatory password change and methods of protect your account

Game account security is a very important for players and game developers. GW 2 announce mandatory password change on February 7.2013, if your account in the blacklist, they will asked you to change the passwords, this blacklist has been very successful for protecting accounts, please understand GW2 and change your password to unique.

So how to prevent the game account been stolen? We have summarize the following 7 points methods for your refer to.

1.      use the plug-in is the most common one, please do not use the aids not form the official.

2.      web hacking, a lot of hacking make the same website as the official, once players click on the page, your account and password are stolen, please check carefully the web address in the browser.

3.      steal in the game, they will create one name like GM in the game, send message to you, said your account winning or seal your account, please click the web or email your account and password to them, then your account was stolen. Please convey players, the official person not allowed to take part in the game, if they process your problem, they will not ask your to provide account and password Stealer will obtain the trust form the players first in the game, when your trust him, he will ask your account and password.

4.      when you enter the account and password in the internet cafes, the side peoples look and remember

5.      Trojan placed in your computer, when your enter the password, they will remember and sent them to the mailbox, please install anti-virus software in your computer, and start the game, turn on your computer, leave the game, turn off your computer. it’s best to buy the Aegis or password-protected card.

6.      once your account was forced offline, please immediately contact with the customer service

7.      it’s best to buy the Aegis or password-protected card, please take careful in your account security, that we can enjoy more the game.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Memories the popular equipments in WOW

With the update of the version of World of Warcraft, the equipments are updated, As long as you have the time to play ,the purple equipment is not very precious now, but at that time, the blue equipments are different to get, let us to see the following equipments.

The long spear

Many people may be know it’s properties, but forgot where it’s source place, this spear not only is a weapon but memory for Okuyama the first victory. There is another same spear in the WLK version, add yellow letters. 

The most beautiful bow, the magic wand, the shield

Match stick, sword, Ax

These equipments were classic at that time, a lot of players play WOW day and night in order to get these, Let's add more equipment pictures to recall them.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What harm use the plug-in on the game?

Today, Aion official punish 208 plug-in roles, ban the accounts in aion permanent, they do the real action to safeguard the fair of the game environment

So what is the plug-in? Plug-in means some people use their specific computer technology to changing or cheating a part of software program in one or more online game, now many game itself has been to    automatic detection the plug-in, but the plug-in technology also constantly improve. We should take more attention that.

What harms use the plug-in on the game?

1 plug-in will modify and destroy game data, cause game data lose and slow.

2. Account and password not in security when you registration in some plug-in, it will prompt players enter the account and password, and steal them, you will lost virtual items.

3. they are hidden lots of virus in the plug-in, these plugs are not make by game developers, their contents can not be approval and guarantee, they will steal the user's computer 
information, damage to the computer program, let the computer can not work.

4.let the players lose the fun in game, if you use the plug-in for a long time, you will lost the fun and exciting in the game, and will influence fair, friendship.

Let us resist plug-in, so that we can be more enjoy the onlinegame

Monday, January 28, 2013

Guild Wars 2: Legendary Weapons Effects Updates(一)

Guild Wars 2 have updated in January 28, not only brought us a lot of new changes in the system, but the legendary weapons effects has been strengthened. Let us take a look at these new legendary weapon effects.

1. Legendary Short bow: Update ballistic effect, Injection rainbow horses

2. The legendary pistol: add the visual effects in the appearance of the equipment and the ballistic effect, now appearance of the weapons with purple floodlights effect, the ballistic can shoot out ribbons and flowers.

3. Legendary rifle: add the visual effects in the appearance of the equipment and the ballistic effect , shoot fireworks effect

More guild wars 2 weapons effects update pictures, will bring you later……

Why Blizzard hasn't adopted full open tagging feature in WOW

Blizzard's lead content designer Ion Hazzikostas explains why Blizzard hasn't adopted the full open-tagging feature for WOW in the interview.

Open tagging, which has been popularized by high-profile MMOs such as RIFT and Guild Wars 2, refers to the ability to earn kill credit and experience simply for doing X% of damage to an enemy, regardless of whether or not you first tagged it. In WOW, the first player to tag an enemy gets full experience and credit, though Blizzard has made some exceptions recently for named quest targets and world bosses (tagged by your own faction).

"Part of the concern with open, free-for-all, open-tapping is that a lot of the game becomes more about tapping everything and tagging everything a little bit, especially when other players have already tapped them" he said. "Thirty seconds later, your quest completes because the other people killed them all. That's not an ideal way to feel like you're engaging in combat."

The above news come form WOW' Special column in MMORPG, find out more about World of Warcraft professions guidance,leveling guide, click here

Sunday, January 27, 2013

GW 2 let you become fashionable people

Everyone hope have own personality, have own style, and different form the crowd, including players, when we playing in the game, we hope have distinct personality and style. but sometimes in the game, get a good equipment but not like the shape, sometimes like the shape, but not satisfy with the ability, how to choose? The dyeing system and change system in guild wars 2 can help you, let you become fashionable people easily.

You can replace the shape between the equipment and equipment, can combine the beautiful appearance in your own property, to do this not only can save equipment resource, but also save our time, each player can be dyed costumes, hairs and other elements to create your own personalized style! GW 2 players can use more than 400 kinds of colors in their equipment staining, and each armor has three colored position change.

Play game, to be a fashion people, to create you own beloved role, more experience, click here