Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mandatory password change and methods of protect your account

Game account security is a very important for players and game developers. GW 2 announce mandatory password change on February 7.2013, if your account in the blacklist, they will asked you to change the passwords, this blacklist has been very successful for protecting accounts, please understand GW2 and change your password to unique.

So how to prevent the game account been stolen? We have summarize the following 7 points methods for your refer to.

1.      use the plug-in is the most common one, please do not use the aids not form the official.

2.      web hacking, a lot of hacking make the same website as the official, once players click on the page, your account and password are stolen, please check carefully the web address in the browser.

3.      steal in the game, they will create one name like GM in the game, send message to you, said your account winning or seal your account, please click the web or email your account and password to them, then your account was stolen. Please convey players, the official person not allowed to take part in the game, if they process your problem, they will not ask your to provide account and password Stealer will obtain the trust form the players first in the game, when your trust him, he will ask your account and password.

4.      when you enter the account and password in the internet cafes, the side peoples look and remember

5.      Trojan placed in your computer, when your enter the password, they will remember and sent them to the mailbox, please install anti-virus software in your computer, and start the game, turn on your computer, leave the game, turn off your computer. it’s best to buy the Aegis or password-protected card.

6.      once your account was forced offline, please immediately contact with the customer service

7.      it’s best to buy the Aegis or password-protected card, please take careful in your account security, that we can enjoy more the game.

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