Sunday, February 3, 2013

The GW2 dynamic level how to develop in 2013

The Arenanet game designer Isaiah Cartwright brought us a dynamic level adjustment blog.The article outlines the basic concept and the change of the system.
The following are blog contents
Hello, I ‘m Guild Wars 2 game designer Isaiah Cartwright, today I want to talk about how we change the dynamic level adjustment system, Players in any map can use the appropriate level to enjoy the content on the map, on January 28 Updated, we do some changes of dynamically adjust system to solve these problems.
1) We modify the dynamic level adjustment system attribute formula, let the high level players return the low area becomes more interesting and balanced.
2) We modify the formula of the award, senior players reward will be scaled down In proportion if they go to the lower area.
In 2013, our key objective is to add more content on all maps, so anywhere on the map of the world have a richer reward.If you are looking for a full guide on all professions and a complete leveling guide for GW2 then check out

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