Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Play Diablo 3 is like study in university

We have play the Diablo 3 long time, our colleagues are all have the same thinking,one of man work in igshops website tell us that the sentiment of Play Diablo 3, is like study in university, you can not know the suffering before in society.
from the general difficulty to hell difficulty in fact is like reading
only get 60 points of credits can graduate, so you have to play to 60 level.
Normal difficulty is like the fist grade
Arrived in school, everything is fresh and you will finish the job of every teacher assigned, is like you playing on Normal difficulty,you will complete each task,finish every single map,dialogue with all of the NPC,appreciate each landscape,listen to each music
And the nightmare is the second year
no fresh in school,you have to do is the mixing time of graduation to do some of the more detailed things,the map does not run, some of the achievements of tasks to start,the only thing that ran progress
Hell difficulty is the third year
At this time, you find that you will going to graduate,pressure began,you have to get the 60 points,and then passed the graduation exam.
When you level reach 60, like you have get the 60 points.
When the hell pineapple fall the moment, congratulatios that you have get graduation have graduated from Diablo III College.
Purgatory difficulty is the social
When you come out from the school entered the social, you will find the social is not look like as good, then started to complain about social injustice,Arrived in purgatory all kinds of lie various dragged through a variety of smashing the keyboard, everyone scolded for Blizzard does this is for people play the game?
You started practicing the coquettish walk
Out of a training position operation
Congratulations on you begin to adapt to social
Purgatory this society can be divided into class
Mixed A1 Cock wire all day every day, moving bricks brush butcher fantasy butcher out the sea view to counter-attack
A2 is the middle class from the A3A4 distance moving bricks' Cock wire
A3A4 is high rich handsome class of the world
A variety of roller compacted variety of Seaview
All kinds of "2000W seconds a XX my little clear yet?"
This time high-Fu Shuai will answer "earned I bought almost a 5000W
Middle class who will answer "Well almost on the price."
If someone answers the increase in gold to pick up the distance 20W goods
That there is no doubt that this is a Cock wire
I now brush butcher Cock wire
My dear friend, what is your class now?
this article come form sales service in igshops