Thursday, March 7, 2013

The road of Video game music development(一)

When you stand on the Storm City and the dark city in the World of Warcraft game, feel the historys and differences between different races, or when you explore the mysterious world in different game maps, if at this time, remove the original video game music, change it to popular music, how do you feel?  The felling for game role will be greatly reduced, may be you will think do one action which it has nothing to do with you, so, video game music is very important for players.
So what is the video game music? The game is called the ninth kind of art, is a collection of various art. game is an independent, complete in the world, and the video game music is the way to help game by the sound, let the players feel good. There are three style of game musics at present in the market, Chinese style, European style and Q version style, game music must be game match
The game music is not popular from the start, people always feel fear for the new thing, just like movies and movie music at that very year, there are lot of misunderstanding and disdain, but today, the game music gradually attention through composer efforts. Game developers take music as an important link to enhancing the competitiveness of the game. Now the classical music market is in the doldrums, game music rise may be fill the classical music market. In recent years, many game music representative events, such as The Greatest Video Game Music series album launch. The United States launched the Video Game Live World Tour Concert, there are a lot of famous symphony orchestra participated in game music recording, such as Japan's Falcom company, a symphonic album " FALCOM NEO CLASSIC From Studios In London City” is the game music classic. In addition, the London Symphony Orchestra has decided held a " Final Fantasy " series of concerts in May 2013. These are enough to explain the game music has formed an industry, will enter a new period of development, and gradually change the other aspects of the music industry and society.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

let’s enjoy "Shugo Kingdom Adventure" form today

Aion is a MMORPG game, which is produced by the Korean gaming giant NCsoft, do you look forward to the” Shugo Kingdom Adventure”, it begin form March 6-27.

The Shugo Imperial Tomb is special, you have not see in Aion, while inside, you will be transformed into a Shugo and receive special abilities only available inside the instance, you main objective is to protect the ancient towers form the waves of looters that will try to destroy them. Protect the tower long enough and boss monsters will appear to try and destroy it, defect them to earn map, keys, tickets. Guard the treasure boxes from the Shugo imperial Tomb, you will have a change to contain the follow rewards
1. Golden Crown Akarun Egg (3 days)  
2. Dramata's Wing  
3. Dramata's Bone Wing  
4. Stormwing's Weapons  
5. Stormwing's Armors  
6. Mithril Medals  
7.Abyss Relics
But you also can exchange 10 Shugo Coins for a Token Pouch. Each Token Pouch provides up to 3 of the following rewards:
1.Kahrun's Symbol  
2. Marchutan's Token/Orichalcum Token 
3. Daemon Token/Fortuneers Token
4. Ward Token/Progress Token 
5. Guestpetal 
6. Crusader Token/Radiant Token
7. Shaper's Token/Wright's Token

Monday, March 4, 2013

I am going to tell you about the Age of Wushu

Snail Games has announced that Age of Wushu will officially launch on April 10, 2013. The April 10th date marks the release of the digital download version of the game with a boxed version coming later in the month.

Age of Wushu another name is Jiuyin Zhenjing Online, is a free to play MMORPG being developed by China-based Snail Games behind MMO games like The Chosen One, Ministry of War and Age of Armor.

Wushu is a term that describes all Chinese martial arts and it is also acceptable as KongFu or KungFu. Wushu is traditionally a Chinese sport in which a player or multiple players perform a series of fighting styles such as “White Crane Spreads its wings”, ”Needle at Sea Bottom” and “Wave hands like a Cloud”

In Age of Wushu, players can experience typical Chinese painting scenes and landscapes that is well-executed along with MMO virtual environment. Unlike other MMOS, Age of Wushu does not give players a fixed class to grow, but players could freely choose their own factions and learn various abilities and skills. They can be a Miners, mining ore and mining of rare gems, or you can be a farmer, growing grain and vegetables with dye crops, or you can be a master, and even a beggar, more about the age of Wushu, contact here

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Lich King of Alsace handicraft is made in Sideshow Collectibles

Blizzard authorized manufacturer Sideshow Collectibles produce The Lich King of Alsace handicrafts use artificial stone materials, this high-quality handicrafts only have 3000 sets in the worldwide. The unit price is US$349/set, about 2172 RMB

Sideshow Collectibles is mass and specialty market manufacturer of licensed and proprietary toy products, they creations originate form a wide range of properties, including Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics, Indiana Jones, Terminator, Predator, Alien, Disney, Avatar, Transformers and G.I. JOE, and so on. Please see the artificial stone handcraft preview images as follows: