Friday, November 2, 2012

World of Warcraft : Day of the Dead Arrives

During the Day of the Dead in World of Warcraft, the people of Azeroth gather in graveyards to celebrate the spirits of those they have lost. The festivities occur in the cemeteries of any major city where celebrants cook, drink, don costumes and more

(一)event details about the day of the dead
When: November 1st-November 2nd
Where: Graveyards of all Capital Cities (Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus, Exodar, Orgrimmar, Undercity, Silvermoon City, Thunderbluff, Shattrath City, and Dalaran City)
二)activities and rewards
1: activities: more review here
2. item rewards: Vanity items( Bouquet of Orange Marigolds, Recipe: Bread of the Dead, Whimsical Skull Mask (seasonal) , Macabre Marionette, a small pe,This pet can only be used during the Day of the Dead event - it cannot be learned and kept like other non-combat pets in WOW
3. other rewards: Achievements, The Day of the Dead currently offers one achievement (Dead Man's Party) that grants 10 achievement points

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rift : Open Beta Extended

Trion Worlds has announced that the open beta for rift: Storm Legion has been extended an extra
two,days to give players even more time to check out the massive expansion. The open beta will run from November 2-7th.

Rift will Launching November 13th, theexpansion triples the size of the existing world of Telara, adding two expansive continents, an increased level cap to 60, player Dimensions, new dungeon and raid content, and a new player soul for each class calling inrift game

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Heart of Fear Now Live & Raid Schedule in WOW

The latest Normal difficulty Mists of Pandaria Raid Dungeon is now available: Heart of Fear. Raid Finder and Heroic difficulties will be available Tuesday, November 6. Raid Finder will unlock bosses in Heart of Fear over time, and all Heart of Fear bosses will be unlocked and available Tuesday, November 13. To access the new Raid Finder dungeons, you will need a minimum item level (ilevel) requirement of 470 in your wow
Here is the current schedule for these Raid releases:
Tuesday, October 30 - Normal Heart of Fear
Tuesday, November 6 - Heroic Heart of Fear and first half of Heart of Fear on Raid Finder
Tuesday, November 13 - Second half of Heart of Fear on Raid Finder and Normal Terrace of Endless Spring
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Monday, October 29, 2012

SWTOR Developer Update: Technical Changes in Game Update 1.5

As a tech artist in SWTOR, I create tools to help the artists get their work into the game, and I work with the programmers to make the game run more efficiently. One of my favorite things to do is write shaders. 

What is the shaders? Shaders are small programs that run on the graphics chip that describe the appearance of surfaces. For example, shaders define if an object looks shiny or dull, reflective or matte, and they also help us define the visual style of the game in terms of how lighting works.

After we shipped the game last year in star wars: the old republic, I started looking for ways to update the shaders,Several of these updates have already gone in,my favorites is going live with Game Update 1.5 – translucency on foliage. i was really struck by the translucent properties of leaves and grass, this effect does not reduce the frame rate. more details and pictures see this link.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tell some skills in Ranger profession in GW 2

I have logged almost 500 hours into Guild Wars 2, with most of my time on the Mesmer, Elementalist, and Ranger. The Ranger is a class that gets a lot of flack on the Guild Wars 2 forums,they said ranger players is the weak, unplayable, poorly-designed red-headed step-child of Tyria. I would say that the Ranger is the most well-designed and well-balanced class in the game.
1. Your Pet Is Everything
One of the most important things a Ranger player can do is coordinate his pet choice with his build and learn how the pet's naturally act.
2. Everything is Designed Around Your Pet
Contrary to popular belief, MOST of the Ranger's design is not incoherent or random. It's weapons are not bad and the class is not thrown together.Your weapons are weak because they are only half of you. Furthermore, they are clearly designed to support your partner.  Longbow, Sword , Greatsword , Warhorn, Torch, Dagger, Main-hand Axe, Off-hand Axe , Shortbow:
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