Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tell some skills in Ranger profession in GW 2

I have logged almost 500 hours into Guild Wars 2, with most of my time on the Mesmer, Elementalist, and Ranger. The Ranger is a class that gets a lot of flack on the Guild Wars 2 forums,they said ranger players is the weak, unplayable, poorly-designed red-headed step-child of Tyria. I would say that the Ranger is the most well-designed and well-balanced class in the game.
1. Your Pet Is Everything
One of the most important things a Ranger player can do is coordinate his pet choice with his build and learn how the pet's naturally act.
2. Everything is Designed Around Your Pet
Contrary to popular belief, MOST of the Ranger's design is not incoherent or random. It's weapons are not bad and the class is not thrown together.Your weapons are weak because they are only half of you. Furthermore, they are clearly designed to support your partner.  Longbow, Sword , Greatsword , Warhorn, Torch, Dagger, Main-hand Axe, Off-hand Axe , Shortbow:
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