Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Runescape: Evolution of Combat Launches 20th November

After five months of feedback and fine-tuning, runescape game hugely excited to be able to announce the official live launch date of the Evolution of Combat: the 20th of November 2012!
Evolution of combat contains an array of large-scale improvements and new features, including: Abilities , Adrenaline, Action Bar, Armour and Life Points, Dual Wielding , more details here
They introduced far too many new features, tweaks and improvements in runescape website, andsome of the biggest are as follows, they  filled out gaps in gear progression, including loads of brand-new level 50 gear and new options for mages and rangers.
The combat triangle is more important than ever, and you’ll need to take careful count of your foe’s fighting style to prevail.There’s an array of awesome-looking new animations for the new abilities and distinct combat styles.
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Monday, November 5, 2012

lion arches scene has been changing to meet the lost coast in GW 2

guild wars 2 have announcement the lost coast map will be updated November 15 last time, it has a long time, but with the end of halloween, the lion arches has made the some changes.
See the following more pictures:
1. there are add three new boats in the lion arches: three new boat has their own unique symbols( Sanctum Harbor Waypoint—Claw Island Portage Waypoint—SanctumHarbor bay)
2. there is a house and asura portal near, there are same symbols and the cargo box on the housing, three posters.
3. there are some warning signs appeared on the beach and one whale
4. there are one books and nautical charts, large map in the house
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rift : Storm Legion Open Beta Now Live

Trion Worlds is inviting all interested players to join in on the open beta for Rift: Storm Legion. The open beta event is free to anyone and can be played from now through November 7th.
The storm has arrived, and the Infinity Gate spins to life! Experience the spectacle of everything that the expansion has to offer in rift.
1. Delve into all seven dungeons and a new Chronicle while ascending to level 60
2. Unlock more Dimensions and adventure through ALL leveling zones
3. Battle Crucia and her legion to the Steppes of Infinity and prepare for launch on Nov. 13!
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