Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to get back the Diablo 3 account was banned

If you Diablo 3 account was banned, may be try as the following.
One of my friend logged into the game on the morning of July 11, it suggested that my Diablo III account is locked.
he have received a notification email after half an hour, it including the cause locked that  due to the use of third-party program (BOT), you can lodge a complaint, but the hope come back is very small.
But my friend really did not use any plug-in program, did not bought and sold any gold. 3000W gold get in the auction.
Then he begin proposed on the ,is a form of support orders. He descript the details of the exception be ban, when login, IP changes, and the game prompted him to answer the account security question. Since his account buy in Sweden when during the business trip, he call the customer service support phone on
You can use the Skype call, free of charge. Press 1, to select English, Then select a non-technical issues. Waiting for about 25 minutes.
Customer service ask his account to confirm the status, account name and security answer questions and so on.
My friends stressed that he absolutely do not use BOT and bought and sold gold.
After then, the customer asked my friends provide his account details txt or word document to them. And asked him to take pictures of his passport, Finally, he asked whether can get the account back. The customer answer is "hopefully yes"
In fact, when my friend ready to submit, they have helped him to open a customer service. Seven hours later, they replied to his account has been reopened.
They just saying his account may be stolen, E-mail asked him reset the BN account password, click the link.
After the reset is completed, the III D3 state is the activation ...
This is the information form tracy, come from igshops department
we only said if you account banned, may be try it to get back, but this only for that you really not sell and buy the golds!