Thursday, January 10, 2013

Aion: gorgeous appearance equipment

Appearance of equipment in Aion game is the most gorgeous in many game which I had played , they are good fashion and belong to my favorite type. Today, I want to introduce this equipment, I’m very praise of this dragon kings appearance, they have in good details. Now, let me talk about my feeling about these equipments.

Women : It’s very good for the color mix, the eye-catching orange and clean white, let this clothes lovely and suitable for the characteristics of women, plus sexy black embellishment, let the clothes have great structure. like the jacket designed ,sexy without publicity, the Lower body clothes dew a litter thigh,the short pants are very fashion, simple and able.

Man: the appearance of equipment feeling domineering, bare chest display masculinity, the shirt design is very handsome, more like the whole Black, i think there is not suitable to put many colors in man's clothes, the dragon in chest is very beautiful, the wings behind design are very unique, like the Wings of the Dragon Emperor. let me feeling in the 19th century Europe. More appearance of the equipment in Aion and Looking for professions guidance, leveling guide for it, check here

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Guild Wars 2 create new game mode in 2013

There are variety of ways to achieve the  full level easily in guild wars 2, Kill monster, do task, training skills ,explore the map but the level is not Guild Wars 2′S main goal, Explore Tyria world, continue growing, harvest joy is their biggest wish. Three major upgrades of the new game mode
1.Explore the world map, can continuously harvest fun
2.Obtain to explore achievements, can witnessed yourself legendary
3.Dynamic level, explore more challenges
Guild Wars 2 level are not static, but change based on the map where you are because of the dynamic level, making each Guild Wars 2 player in the low-grade can be equal to experience such a large-scale battle of World battlefield, Enhance game participation, And also avoid roles to achieve high-grade lost interest in the content of low-grade and give up the exploration of these regions, let Explore always full of challenging.
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How to get the PVP equipment in GW 2 games

I play Guild Wars 2 game have a long time, today share with you how to get the PVP equipment, there are two ways to get equipments except initial NPC sale.

1. completed the PVP daily to get the chest reward item
2. use the honor points to buy the chests form NPC sale.

The chests divided into three levels ( copper deer chest, silver chest, gold chest), When we have the chests, double click to open them, you will receive the equipment or other rewards by randomly. There are different rewards by different levels chests, the lowest level ( copper chest ) only get equipments, not have other rewards.

If we do not want the useless equipments, you can enter your pvp salvage kit, use the PVP decomposition tools to dedicated them, want to get more equipment and other guidance, click here

Monday, January 7, 2013

Diablo 3 :game player recommended new type of gem scheme

There are many players in the official forum recommended the gem varietyvision and hope Blizzard can increase the number of new gem variety to increase the game fun.Design reasons mentioned these gems have specific drop area so that players can pay more attention to 1,2,4 scene, at the same time can increase the role of culture diversity, Indeed very good ideas also meet the needs of players, how do you feel?
Diamond (drop in Act 4)
Helmet: +80 full anti
Weapons: elite monster damage increase 10%
Other: +80 Arcane / Holy Resistance
Rainbow Diamond (drop in Whimsyshire)
The helmet: +100 random resistance
Weapons: +10% random elemental damage
Other: +100 Random properties
Black Diamond (drop in Istaku)
Helmets: The melee attack by 1800 rebound injury
Weapons: +10% probability Hit fear target
Other: Melee attack damage by 1800 rebound
Skull (Drop Leoric)
Helmet: Every time hits +1000 life
Weapons: +10% Life Steal
Other: kill target +1000 life
Bone (drop in Shatterbone)
Helmet: damage reduced by 10%
Weapons: repel target
Other: +500 Armor
Demon Heart (drop in Diablo)
Helmet: 12% movement speed
Weapons: +10% crit probability
Other: +500 Life Reply
Sapphire (drop in Gaven The Thief)
Helmet: +8% Cold Damage
Weapons: +10% probability Freezes Target
Other: +10% probability of the target deceleration
Jade (drop in Ghom)
Helmet: +8% Poison Damage
Weapons: Hit probability release Acid Cloud
Other: +80 Toxin resistance
Jasper (drop in Butcher)
Helmet: +8% fire damage
Weapons: hit after release Fire Nova probability
Other: +80 Fire Resistance
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Guild Wars 2 will add new WVW map in February 2013

Guild Wars 2 may be will add new WVW map in February 2013.

According to reporter, guild wars 2 will be updated and added a new WVW map in February attract more players, but this report did not description the detailed of the new map, they only said new WVW is not so huge, GW 2 are solving the existing bugs, will launch a large patch in January or February, but can not guaranteed on line.

At the same time, the media report Daewoo worked in South Korea KDB SecuritiesCompany said NCsoft will large-scale update the game in 2013, although Guild Wars 2 has become the most profitable company in North American and European markets, but players want to more updates. We are looking forward they will have more exciting innovations. looking for professions guidance, leveling guide for guild wars 2 check here