Thursday, January 10, 2013

Aion: gorgeous appearance equipment

Appearance of equipment in Aion game is the most gorgeous in many game which I had played , they are good fashion and belong to my favorite type. Today, I want to introduce this equipment, I’m very praise of this dragon kings appearance, they have in good details. Now, let me talk about my feeling about these equipments.

Women : It’s very good for the color mix, the eye-catching orange and clean white, let this clothes lovely and suitable for the characteristics of women, plus sexy black embellishment, let the clothes have great structure. like the jacket designed ,sexy without publicity, the Lower body clothes dew a litter thigh,the short pants are very fashion, simple and able.

Man: the appearance of equipment feeling domineering, bare chest display masculinity, the shirt design is very handsome, more like the whole Black, i think there is not suitable to put many colors in man's clothes, the dragon in chest is very beautiful, the wings behind design are very unique, like the Wings of the Dragon Emperor. let me feeling in the 19th century Europe. More appearance of the equipment in Aion and Looking for professions guidance, leveling guide for it, check here

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