Monday, January 7, 2013

Diablo 3 :game player recommended new type of gem scheme

There are many players in the official forum recommended the gem varietyvision and hope Blizzard can increase the number of new gem variety to increase the game fun.Design reasons mentioned these gems have specific drop area so that players can pay more attention to 1,2,4 scene, at the same time can increase the role of culture diversity, Indeed very good ideas also meet the needs of players, how do you feel?
Diamond (drop in Act 4)
Helmet: +80 full anti
Weapons: elite monster damage increase 10%
Other: +80 Arcane / Holy Resistance
Rainbow Diamond (drop in Whimsyshire)
The helmet: +100 random resistance
Weapons: +10% random elemental damage
Other: +100 Random properties
Black Diamond (drop in Istaku)
Helmets: The melee attack by 1800 rebound injury
Weapons: +10% probability Hit fear target
Other: Melee attack damage by 1800 rebound
Skull (Drop Leoric)
Helmet: Every time hits +1000 life
Weapons: +10% Life Steal
Other: kill target +1000 life
Bone (drop in Shatterbone)
Helmet: damage reduced by 10%
Weapons: repel target
Other: +500 Armor
Demon Heart (drop in Diablo)
Helmet: 12% movement speed
Weapons: +10% crit probability
Other: +500 Life Reply
Sapphire (drop in Gaven The Thief)
Helmet: +8% Cold Damage
Weapons: +10% probability Freezes Target
Other: +10% probability of the target deceleration
Jade (drop in Ghom)
Helmet: +8% Poison Damage
Weapons: Hit probability release Acid Cloud
Other: +80 Toxin resistance
Jasper (drop in Butcher)
Helmet: +8% fire damage
Weapons: hit after release Fire Nova probability
Other: +80 Fire Resistance
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