Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Guild Wars 2 create new game mode in 2013

There are variety of ways to achieve the  full level easily in guild wars 2, Kill monster, do task, training skills ,explore the map but the level is not Guild Wars 2′S main goal, Explore Tyria world, continue growing, harvest joy is their biggest wish. Three major upgrades of the new game mode
1.Explore the world map, can continuously harvest fun
2.Obtain to explore achievements, can witnessed yourself legendary
3.Dynamic level, explore more challenges
Guild Wars 2 level are not static, but change based on the map where you are because of the dynamic level, making each Guild Wars 2 player in the low-grade can be equal to experience such a large-scale battle of World battlefield, Enhance game participation, And also avoid roles to achieve high-grade lost interest in the content of low-grade and give up the exploration of these regions, let Explore always full of challenging.
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