Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How to get the PVP equipment in GW 2 games

I play Guild Wars 2 game have a long time, today share with you how to get the PVP equipment, there are two ways to get equipments except initial NPC sale.

1. completed the PVP daily to get the chest reward item
2. use the honor points to buy the chests form NPC sale.

The chests divided into three levels ( copper deer chest, silver chest, gold chest), When we have the chests, double click to open them, you will receive the equipment or other rewards by randomly. There are different rewards by different levels chests, the lowest level ( copper chest ) only get equipments, not have other rewards.

If we do not want the useless equipments, you can enter your pvp salvage kit, use the PVP decomposition tools to dedicated them, want to get more equipment and other guidance, click here

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