Saturday, February 16, 2013

Game is a high consumption?

Game is high consumption, right?

Playing game is one kind of entertainment, then game is a high consumption or cheap consumption? May be some people think: game is the most cheapest entertainment, like tourism, KTV singing,
have a party spent more money than game, may be some people think: the game consumer has increasing trend, even if you not buy equipments, not buy all kinds of luxury versions, but if you want to continue to play game, you should buy the computers, cards, software……

Let’s look at a survey report, the game as a leisure entertainment. 32% people think: the consumption of game exceed the ability of individuals to bear, play game will spent more and more money. 41% people think: game is a mass consumption, poor way of entertainment, watch a movie, go out to eat, tourism, KTV singing, have a party are spent more money than game. 16% people think: weather play game or play which game depend on your own economic conditions, if you are rich, you can play the expensive game, if you are poor, you can play the free game. 11% people think: I don’t know how to answer this question, this does not make sense, I do not care about the game, and do not care about the money.

In short, whether game is high consumption or not, players enjoy the fun and happy in game should according to our economic circumstances. Looking for profession guidance for game, check here

Friday, February 15, 2013

New feature about the flame and frost in GW 2

GW 2 added a new exciting feature to the release of the Flame and Frost: The gathering storm, please see the followings:

1. Brand New PvP Map – Spirit Watch

This peaceful green vale, nestled between cliffside shrines to the norn Spirits of the Wild is about to echo with the sounds of combat. In Spirit Watch, players will score bonus points by capturing the Orb of Ascension and running it to any of the three shrines on this newest PvP map

2. Team Up for Guild Missions

Join your fellow guild members to take on an entirely new category of content! These missions, designed for coordinated group play, include everything from bounties to group puzzles to cross-country challenges. You’ll need to work together to complete the missions and earn new Guild Merits, which can unlock cool upgrades and rewards. It pays to be in a guild!

3. Two Team Rated Play in PvP

It’s time to prove your skill! In this new type of competitive PvP, two teams of equal average rating are pitted against each other in a quick, intense match. The ratings for every member of each team is then adjusted after the match.

4. Choose Your Own Daily Achievements

With our new selectable achievement system, you’ll have a chance to set new daily challenges for yourself and to choose what kind of content you want to be rewarded for playiny.
5. Preview Items in the Trading Post
Try before you buy! You’ll have the ability to preview items in the Trading Post before you buy them. Simply right-click an item icon and select “Preview” to see the item equipped on your character. Check out how a weapon looks by itself, how it looks when sheathed, and how it looks when wielded by your character
looking for professions guidance,leveling guide for the new feature about guild wars 2, check here