Friday, September 28, 2012

We can let you play games more exciting

What does igshops do?
igshops provides a variety of services for online gamers. Chiefly, we are the largest seller of in game currency for massively multiplayer online games such as World of Warcraft, EverQuest, Final Fantasy and Lineage 2. igshops has built its reputation based on competitive pricing, fast deliveries and reliable and consistent customer service.
What is igshops about?
igshops is a company that has evolved to serve the needs of the MMORPG community. We are entirely devoted to enhancing the online gaming experience of all, by providing a service that adds to the enjoyment of tens of thousands of our customers' online adventures every day. igshops has maintained its position by being flexible and adaptable, and we will continue to be sensitive to the changing needs of online gamers world wide.
How long does delivery take?
If your order is in stock we will deliver as soon as possible though this is dependent on stock levels, order volumes and game server traffic.
There occasionally may be a delay with your order. Always come to our 24/7 live help if this happens where we can answer your queries. If no email is in your inbox, feel free to log onto our live chat window and speak with one of our customer service representatives to confirm everything is alright with your order, for example: guild wars 2 gold
Is this business safe or legal?
igshops has conducted business for over 4 years, and served hundreds of thousands of customers. We conduct thousands of transactions per day, and we are adding new games ( Diablo III, guild wars 2) to our roster every month. The stock we have available has been purchased legitimately from game players the world over who chose to sell their excess

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Scheduled Maintenance for Game Update 1.4: September 26th, 2012

swtor wanted to let you know they will be performing scheduled maintenance for game update 1.4, six hours on Wednesday, form 2 am cdt until 8am cdt, all game servers will be offline at that time,once finish update, enjoy yourself in game, large SWTOR Credits, click here