Sunday, January 13, 2013

WOW 5.2 new giant island mission rewards cute mounts and small pets

Giant Islandis a very mysterious place, before this we only know that it is the lair of wild BOSS wuda Aosta, but now we know that there is another useful through the collection of giant dinosaur bone in exchange for small pets and mounts
Giant dinosaur bone: collected 10 giant dinosaur bone exchange for auspicious particles
More giant dinosaur bones:  collected 100 giant dinosaur bones exchange the auspicious Spirit
A bunch of giant dinosaur bones: collected 1000 giant dinosaur bones exchange a small ghost of the porcupine (small pets)
Piles of giant dinosaur bone: collect 9999 giant dinosaur bones exchange the original bone white Raptor (horse)
Three pictures are: Conversion NPC, Specter small porcupine, the bone white original Raptor

Similarly, combat pets have two of challenge elite combat pet task they against these elite fighting pet need the entire pet team
Legendary beast:  reward small pet red panda
Open daily: the legendary beast, organic quote rates for other red pandas: Mountain Panda, the Snowy Panda, Sunfur Panda.
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