Wednesday, January 16, 2013

please take attention to the important change in GW 2 game

Here have an important change from GW2 website, free world transfers will no longer be available before January 28, please make sure that you are on the world which you are intend to play on.

The feature of guesting which allows you to play with your friends on other worlds, more detail about how the guesting work please see the GW 2 website, now let me tell you a few restrictions.

1.    you only guest on worlds in the same region as your home world.

2.    you can not participate in world vs world, if you persist to do that, you will move back your home.

3.    You’re eligible to guest on only 2 different worlds at a time, each time you guest on this world is 24 hours.

4.    Guest on worlds that are full or highly populated increases your risk of being put into an overflow map.

5.    after the guesting feature, will no longer be free world transfers, will cost a gem fee, the gem fee based on the population of the world

6.    players still not be able to transfer to worlds that are full.

7.    Each account is still limited to one world transfer every 7 days

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