Tuesday, January 15, 2013

WOW 5.2 hunter Welfare: Introduction and capture new rare baby Raiders

5.1 could not launch the spirit beast finally debut,the soul porcupine return the 4.2 challenges tame mode.,They need to be like Des Tilak put the blood pressure to below 20% to tame, but this time do not as a shortcut to depress blood.their hurt very high (especially DEGU), so tame pets Glyph and deterrence is necessary.
The following are three porcupine specific information
DEGU (red) – card Lang Sang jungle. Projection Flying when you are too far away from him, it will cause great harm, it equally deadly melee attack. Fortunately, he moved more slowly, need to kite in his blind spot, Scatter Shot and Entangling Roots is invalid. He is the only three which will leave refreshed walk around the point.
GUMI (blue) – Kunle mountain. he run faster than his brothers
so it is necessary to kite him in a rugged hilltop before tame, Scatter Shot and Entangling Roots is invalid.
HUTIA (Green) – emerald forest. Moving and release an interrupted treatment skills, Scatter Shot, Silencing Shot, Entangling Roots are effective.
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