Wednesday, March 6, 2013

let’s enjoy "Shugo Kingdom Adventure" form today

Aion is a MMORPG game, which is produced by the Korean gaming giant NCsoft, do you look forward to the” Shugo Kingdom Adventure”, it begin form March 6-27.

The Shugo Imperial Tomb is special, you have not see in Aion, while inside, you will be transformed into a Shugo and receive special abilities only available inside the instance, you main objective is to protect the ancient towers form the waves of looters that will try to destroy them. Protect the tower long enough and boss monsters will appear to try and destroy it, defect them to earn map, keys, tickets. Guard the treasure boxes from the Shugo imperial Tomb, you will have a change to contain the follow rewards
1. Golden Crown Akarun Egg (3 days)  
2. Dramata's Wing  
3. Dramata's Bone Wing  
4. Stormwing's Weapons  
5. Stormwing's Armors  
6. Mithril Medals  
7.Abyss Relics
But you also can exchange 10 Shugo Coins for a Token Pouch. Each Token Pouch provides up to 3 of the following rewards:
1.Kahrun's Symbol  
2. Marchutan's Token/Orichalcum Token 
3. Daemon Token/Fortuneers Token
4. Ward Token/Progress Token 
5. Guestpetal 
6. Crusader Token/Radiant Token
7. Shaper's Token/Wright's Token

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