Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Memories the popular equipments in WOW

With the update of the version of World of Warcraft, the equipments are updated, As long as you have the time to play ,the purple equipment is not very precious now, but at that time, the blue equipments are different to get, let us to see the following equipments.

The long spear

Many people may be know it’s properties, but forgot where it’s source place, this spear not only is a weapon but memory for Okuyama the first victory. There is another same spear in the WLK version, add yellow letters. 

The most beautiful bow, the magic wand, the shield

Match stick, sword, Ax

These equipments were classic at that time, a lot of players play WOW day and night in order to get these, Let's add more equipment pictures to recall them.

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