Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to healthy to play the game

Online games, bring many players to a lot of funs, but how to healthy to play the game? please take attention to the following six points, these points will brings you more happiness play the game.
1. Do not sitting in front of the computer for a long time, if do that, you will easily eye fatigue, feet numbness, cervical pain, we recommended our players to feet alternately stretch, shrug, and stand up and walk around, see more distant and greenery.

2. Once your hitting something goes wrong, killing the boss failure, getting more the garbage equipment in playing the game, we advised you to stop the game, eat a mint, stood at the window, you mood will soon calm down.

3. When you feel lonely in game, try to talk to strangers, talk to more friends in the association, to take part the activities, or to organize a small activities, so that you will eliminate the loneliness and improve mood.

4. Be sure not to choose the poor environment place to play game

5. Do not for any reason to holding back urine, even at a very critical moment, it's best to go to toilet frequently, drink plenty of water, this is not easy to urinary tract infections.

6: During the game do not eat too much instant noodles, green tea, red wine, soy milk, yogurt, bone soup, mushroom soup are good health food, can enhance immunity, anti-aging, sterilization, reasonable meals is very important.

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