Thursday, January 24, 2013

The gaps between reality and games

Why do so many people like to play game? form I played the game for many years, there are considerable difference between game and reality. the game gives us a lot of fun!

1. Driving in the game, the most comfortable is empty in the main road, although there also have traffic lights, but contrast the reality city which we lived in, you will think happiness in the game.

2. You can earn too much money and gold easy in the game world in everywhere, in the grass, in the enemy…..but it’s more difficult to earn in the reality.

3. You can use the combination of boxing to attack the enemy, hit him, stun him, killed him with the brilliant lighting effects, but you can not to do in the reality. we must control our own behaviors.

4. The characters in the game, you do not worry about what to do in the next, you can open the pause menu, and have the program to reference, but in the reality, the future it’s difficult to predict.

5. You should not care too much about the appearance of the characters, they never in dirty, never to do wash, never to take too much time in hair, and always keep young face.

6. Lost the something? can not beat the boss? death in accidentally? don’t be afraid, save point can allows you to make these mistakes

7. You need to how much experience that you can upgrade in the game, they will be clearly indicated.

8. You can stored huge number of items and equipments in the backpack or storage box, but in the fact , you can not put too much things in the small space. more game professions guidance, leveling guide, click here

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