Monday, January 21, 2013

Perfect BOSS required what conditions

As a quality game, you are embarrassed to greet with others if you do not have a group of energetic BOSS! The game BOSS always let players to pain and happiness in the process of customs, feel the refreshing feeling never weaker than the plot, but variety of difficulty also let players clenched teeth. Exactly how regarded as energetic BOSS? We will talk about these perfect BOSS have 10 elements!
1. Difficulty
2. Skill
3. Volume
4. Stage
5. Other enemies
6. Process
7. Rewarding victory
8. Atmosphere
9. Enemy knowability
10.Roles setting
 Above points the most important thing is BOSS itself, He / she must have enough charisma and cunning patience, calm and low-key, Final BOSS need to integrate the classic characteristics of any game, Sinister and ruthless tough, This is the designers to create the original intention roles of the game
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