Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Discuss the role of core skills balance and difficulty of Diablo 3

Players point out that there are two major problems with Diablo 3 game, The first is the role of skills balance, quickly through the monster’s skills become a variety of build core, players damage output rely solely on the repeated release of a single AOE spells that can cause a lot of damage. Secondly, Enhance the difficulty of the game is too simple and essentially no change, only different is digital.
Players listed ways to improve,Seems that the purpose of an ARPG is to demonstrate three primary concepts :Strategic placement of character,Strategic use/placement of skills,Ability to quickly respond to environment and patterns.
Consequences of these decisions should become more severe with level, as mistakes slow progression while time pressures increase. Additionally, as levels increase, complexity should increase, making the game about fast pattern recognition and the ability to solve complex problems with limited resources.
In this regard, the community manager of Blizzard reply, while agreeing with the issues raised by the players, but the solution is not so simple. Blizzard wants to be able to listen to the views and suggestions of the other players on these issues.
1. The most popular builds do not account for position. Barb WW builds, monk TR builds, and DH strafe builds are unaffected by pathing, and there are no environmental effects to consider, anywhere.
2. The key builds do not significantly consider the placement of skills. There is typically only one skill utilized, and that skill typically does massive AOE damage centered on the path of the player.
3. Complexity and speed do not change. The game does not alter fundamental mechanics between Normal and Inferno. Speed does not change. There is ONLY the scaling of damage and health, with the exception of a few monster affixes, most of which are not particularly strategic, but instant and automatic.
Either way, this is a great discussion. I’m curious to see what other players think and have them weigh in on two points: whether or not they agree with your premises and how they’d personally like to see the game evolve to improve on those areas. For more information about Diablo 3 you can visit the official site.

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