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Let us anew recall 10 best RTS games

What is RTS? Real-Time Strategy Game, referred to RTS, is belong to Strategy game, mainly in the form of computer games, players often play as the generals, deployed its forces. Now let us recall the time when RTS game has just started, recall the ten best RTS games

1.    Dune 2 

Along with Herzog Zwei, Dune 2 is considered one of the granddaddies of the real-time strategy genre. Developed by Westwood Studios in 1992, this was really at the forefront of developing many of the features we recognize in RTS games today. It was, in ways that no other game at the time has been able to match, responsible for the familiar format of RTS franchises such as WarCraft and Command and Conquer. This game is responsible to a large degree for features such as resource gathering, the minimap, construction dependencies (or a tech tree) and more. It even featured interactive terrain, with Sandworms and Spice Blooms existing as natural dangers to be overcome. Features such as this are largely left out of RTS games even now for the purpose of streamlining gameplay. Visually, it might not look like much in this modern era of gaming, but we owe the very shape of the genre to this game

2. Warcraft 2: Beyond the Dark Portal 
Gul’Dan. Fireball. Death and Decay. Orgrim Doomhammer. The names of units, abilities and characters from this game come back to you, even almost 16 years after the launch of the game. The humor and polish of this game effectively took real-time strategy gaming out of its niche and showed the world that it could have a broad appeal. This was the game that elevated Blizzard to the level of Westwood Studios in the eyes of the world, and effectively set it on its way to its creation of the genre-defining game StarCraft, and WarCraft 3, which led to both the DOTA All-Stars mod and ultimately World of WarCraft. Truly, the game that inspired titles we respect even today, and genres that might have developed much differently were it not for Orcs, Humans and some Ogre Magi.

3. Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 
Quite simply, Red Alert 3 is awesome. It is one of the most berserk, over-the-top, and enjoyable RTS games you’ll ever find. It features a story that would make any cold war sci-fi nut job whiz excitement down their leg. There’s time travel, live action cutscenes featuring famous actors, and the fantastic controls you know and love from the series. They battles get fast and frenetic while the witty banter between world powers entertains you to tears.

4. Total Annihilation 
Obviously the future is going to involve intergalactic war. Robots as well as man will be fighting for supremacy of the solar system. Total Annihilation was the first RTS to feature 3D graphics. You might think it looks a bit aged, but it still is an incredible game to play. It has some fantastic gameplay additions, such as the ability to stack commands for your units, that it adds whole new levels to the RTS experience. Its focus on stealth and reconnaissance rather than all out brute force make Total Annihilation something different in the RTS genre

5. Age of Empires 
Age of Empires has been the RTS franchise by which all other RTS franchises are judged. From spectacular graphics, attention to historical detail, and a classic control scheme, Age of Empires III is the culmination of every game preceding it. This time, you are thrust into the violent birth of the United States. You’re able to control the armies of the Revolutionary War and hopefully fulfill the dreams of the founding fathers. Make tea out of the nearest bay

The best RTS game of all time should have solid controls, amazing graphics, fast paced action, and be addictively absorbing. Starcraft 2 has all of that and more! It has a fantastic story to drive the action, innovative online multiplayer, and it is set in a far off galaxy. SPACE! The gameplay is skill based and is utterly addictive to the point of people modding keyboards to gain a few millisecond edge in battle. People have died from playing this game for too long. Yeah, it is that good. So you should definitely give it a try. Just remember that moderation is the key. Game responsibly.

7. Empire: Total War 
The Total War series has been a staple of the RTS genre. Empire: Total War is the ultimate way to experience The Revolutionary War in every facet possible. This game occasionally feels more detailed than the actual events. With its turn-based action and bottomless level of strategy, Empire: Total War might actually make you feel like George Washington in command of the troops. The game even moves you off of the land and to the high seas to decimate the British warships off the coast. The naval battles are just a fraction of the elements that totally engross you into the world of Empire: Total War

8.Supreme Commander
Supcom is better than a lot of games voted higher here. Just because the mass of people likes simple minded games does not mean they are the best.
+61One of the best RTS's I've ever played, fast, tactical and intense.
+54This game has the biggest battle scale on the list, you can command hundreds of units at once and then view at it's epic-scale battles.

9. Homeworld 
You can’t be surprised to see this one included. This real-time-strategy game, released in 1999, brought us the haunting saga of the Kushan as they journied across a brilliantly imagined galaxy in an attempt to find their long-lost homeworld. With graphics that were called “movie-like” at the time, and a 3D interface that revolutionized the concept of the starship-based RTS, Homeworld is innovative, and all around excellent no matter how you look at it.

10.Company of Heroes 
The best game I have ever played! 
This game is always the best Real-Time Strategy game,From the intense strategic gameplay with its cover, field barracks and retreat mechanics, to its historically accurate weapons and vehicles. Speaking of vehicles, these have directional armor, which is a feature that many gamers clamor for in modern RTS games. There are few games with the strategic depth, historical accuracy and incredible polish of this title. Players and game reviewers alike are in almost universal love with this title, which sets the standard for how a modern strategy game can integrate advanced features while keeping controls intuitive, and maintain huge depth despite a lack of traditional basebuilding mechanics

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