Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Radix isatidis can prevent H7N9? Let’s see the panacea in the game.

Recently,H7N9 avian flu was found in eastern China. This avian flu will lead people to death. Some people began to panic, they buy the radix isatidis to prevent it. Radix isatidis become the drug can treat all diseases in the eyes of many people, in fact, there are no panacea in real world, we should go on taking exercise and attention to personal hygiene to prevent it. but you can find the panacea in the game, these drugs will play important role at critical time, regardless of the player’s character suffered what abnormal state, they can help you solved, now let us see the following drugs in the game world.

1.    <Resident Evil> medicinal herbs, there are contains green herbs, red herbs, blue herbs, have magical healing effect.

2.  <Final Fantasy>,the pharmaceutical class goods in the FF series, two of the most representing is the Holy Spirit drugs and panacea, the former blood, the later cancel the abnormal state.

3.  <Dragon Quest>,Detoxifying grass is the essential items, it can easily be removed the toxins from various monsters.

4.  <Fallout 3>, RadAway, after nuclear war, the world full of radiation, even the basic food and water containing radiation, really want to reduce it only eat RadAway, in fact, it basic component is iodized salt.

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