Friday, April 12, 2013

You must play these 10 classic games as game player

Some games have created their own historySome games define the whole game industry. Over the last 6-7 years, this is a multiplayer game era , let us work together to review these 10 classic games, although these games sales may be is not the highest, but they are a real classic.
1 "Portal 2": it is a shooting game. The weapons in the hands of the players not to shoot the enemy, but to fire walls, floors, is the special operation for example: open export. to find hidden passages or unlock the various organs and the puzzle by this way, it will be a new challenge for the player's imagination and spatial thinking ability. Historic Significance: the level design, the screen and the plot are perfect.

2. "World of Warcraft": it is not only different from other MMORPG, But is also not the same with Warcraft series , there are many changes: numerous career and race, a large number of vocational skills and a complex combination of different races talent, makes the game repeat play is very high . Functional team culture of teamwork and organization and coordination skills of the players, encourage the spirit of cooperation of the players in the game, allows players to put more emphasis on strategies and methods, the copy existence, let this game with unlimited scalability. User-friendly interface and a good third-party plug-in support to give players vast creativity, state-of-the-art map seamless connection technology, not only greatly reduce the players waiting in front of the screen to read the article, and also given the players a near-real game world. Historic Significance: is the greatest online games.

3. " MineCraft ": it is a sandbox game, players in the game doing "construction" and "destruction" thing, will be able to produce cabins, castles and even cities easily, coupled with the player's imagination, the air of the city, the underground city also can be achieved. Historic Significance: the king of the sandbox game, you can create your world

4. "Wii Sports": The game includes five kinds of sports: tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing. Players can use the Wii controller to make similar to the real-life sports action, the game also has a practice mode and manual measurement mode, this game has won several awards in the entertainment industry. in the end of 2008, to become the best-selling video game. Historic Significance: details be exquisitely crafted.

5 "Angry BirdsThe story of the game is quite interesting, relaxed rhythm, lively style, many players like it. Historic Significance: the king of move and casual games, Although simple, but it contains a lot of knowledge

6 " Call of Duty 4Modern Warfare",This is the first-person shooter game, issued by Activision, develop by Infinity Ward. The game’s theme is modern warfare, the real war, excellent levels, realistic the sniper are all loved by players.

7 "Mass Effect 3",it statement the story that the commander Shaperd in alien planet. Players can explore the outer planets, to visit alien, to save the Earth.

8. " Bioshock"The series of BioShock with a first-person perspective, into a large number of FPS elements, and interact with the NPC in the game ,to solve a variety of puzzles. the biggest feature in this game is the open architecture. Historic Significance: game combine with the art,contains profound philosophical and physics.

9 "Braid ", it is a platform action game. The game allows players to use the time back function, You need to utilize the time back, variety of speed up, slow down or even reverse  function ,collect puzzle pieces scattered in the level corner, then you can to complete it. Historic Significance: creative, unique ideas.

10 "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion"New AI settings, players can see a lot of NPC, they just like real life, sleep, talk, work, live, real facial expressions, you can feel free to explore the wide world of the game, can join a guild, different unions have different story and plot. Historic Significance: the realistic open world, too many MOD and wonderful stories.

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