Saturday, April 6, 2013

How to pass the three levels of Super Adventure Box in 15 minutes

The latest update Super Adventure Box in Guild Wars 2, extremely fun and addictive. There are three awesome levels for you pass, now we tell you how to pass the three levels in 15 minutes as the followings, hope everyone get your ideal skin easily.( the following videos come form

The first level: it’s very easy, please follow the arrow to go in Video, when reach to the boss platform, attack six or seven times, then move your seat, this level is easy to pass.

The second level: this level is more complicated for you, if you are not familiar with the road. However, I think it’s simple to you if you are running back one or two times. Please note that you must be careful the green poison water, do not to step on it, after reach the frog, sliding left and right mouse, pressing circles around frog and attacking it.

The three level: you can buy some water for this level, if you didi not buy also no problem, five lives should be sufficient to you reach the frog king. Once you to be tied by the vine, please use the ordinary attack to unbind it. The frog king will catapult the month cannon and toxic wave, roll to dodge them, pick up the gems and hiding in the lotus leaf near stone, when the frog see left and right, you throw the gems to his mouth, it will be in a state of syncope, attack it , back and forth several times, you will pass three levels.VIDEO THREE

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