Sunday, March 31, 2013

Diablo III, let Blizzard joy or sorrow?

Diablo III, let Blizzard joy or sorrow?

Diablo 3 auction houses including: cash transactions and virtual transactions, game players can purchase items through the auction house. Before release this game, Blizzard have several forecasts for this auction.

1: they think auction houses will reduce fraud
2: auction houses will provide services for game players
3: there will be only a small amount of players will use the auction, and the price of the goods may be affected by the quantity and sales of goods.

But since the game released, there are about 1000000 game players login the game everyday, there are more than 50% of players often visit the auction houses, they's goals are earning money, this is damage to this game, once more and more players use the auction, prices will fluctuate. it completely ruined our reward mechanismbut the reward mechanism are the core of this game.

Blizzard now is fall into the awkward situation, they also wanted to shut down the auction house, after all, this system is very hurt game, but they fear losing too many players, they don't know how many players are like this system, Blizzard said, the development team are trying to find a feasible solution. once have a good solution, they will tell everyone.more professions guidance,leveling guide for game, check here.


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    Bad English!

    1. yes, my English is not very good.
      but I'm trying to learn it well, you may be know, want to learn it well, need to more time. if you find some mistakes, please give some advise.
      but I have always loved the game.