Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rift: The thinking of storm legion in progress part 3

Storm Legion Review in progress part 3 focusing bugs, customer service, dungeons and more. See what you think before leaving a comment or two.
The first: The Rough Spots
I think the bugs are more frequently than I would have expected, and not the kind of bugs you can kill in game, While most of the bugs I have encountered are not game-breaking a handful are more than just minor irritants. What also really surprises me is Trion's customer service, not very quick de al with this questions and events in progress part 3
The second: The Shiny Spots
While on first glance failing to complete a dungeon might seem like a bad thing, but honestly I'm happy that the dungeons are difficult enough that the risk of failure actually exists in rift game. With the last batch of 50 experts so out-geared it is nice to finally step back into a dungeon and know that if not everyone pulls their weight, you may not succeed. Storm Breaker Protocol is also the first time that we see our Defiant occupy a vehicle mode for a dungeon. I'm also pleased with the new warfronts Karthan Ridge.
The third: The Wait and See
For next week I plan on spending a lot more time going through other players dimensions and seeing what they have created. I also hope that Trion does a better job of stomping out bugs, I'm also interested to see what changes they have in store for the new souls,What has been your favorite part of Storm Legion so far? If you have any comments or want to get rift platinum and game guidance and Leveling Guide, click here

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