Sunday, December 2, 2012

GW 2: join the fight to guard your home

Guild Wars 2 monster have high wisdom, they are trying to embezzle and destroy Tyria continent all the time. Human, Norn, and Asura lost his hometown, but monsters still constant the few territory.

The siege monsters will not disappear for you not to attack, or the passage of time, they will real constant the city and have ownership of the city, Other players also have to loss of their homes, his task,
experience and even personal development route, will be affected,these monsters siege is determined by many elements, perhaps you free to solve the roadside mobs, maybe just because of the weather changes, etc., in short, you can not sure monster attack time and goals. So you should Join the fight everyone time to guard your home.

GW 2, no matter you are in any place, any time encountered a monster siege, you have to take part in combat, because it is the guardian of your own homes. If want to get guild wars 2 game guidance and Leveling Guide, click here

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