Thursday, December 6, 2012

Like the underwater world of Guild Wars 2

We are always curious uncharted territory, the underwater world is one of the most attractive areas. Guild Wars 2 underwater world is different from others, it had cancel very much restrictions, the full expansion of the freedom of adventure.

1 can breathe freely

"Guild Wars 2" in the underwater world, there is no breathing strips restrictions, the role of which can freely swim, do not need to keep surfaced, want to stay you can stay in the water, even if you can not swim , you also still vim and vigor, can not decrease the combat effectiveness.

2. Unique underwater combat system

"Guild Wars 2" underwater battle mode is very unique. Role is floating on the water, fast forward, just as much as a swimmer. Descend to the underwater movement speed decrease, weapons will automatically switch to the underwater weapons, helmets automatically switch, roles will be automatically change, this is a unique water under combat system.

Although the fighting in the water is very exciting, but the water monsters also have their own characteristics, explorers need its own skill in combat. want to get  guild wars 2 gold, game guidance, leveling guide, click here

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