Monday, November 26, 2012

Tell you Aion: Battle of Kahrun of PvP tournament

May be you will said, play the aion game for long, but lack of official PvP tournaments, glad to tell you now, Aion has announced you one battle of Kahrun of a single-elimination PvP tournament, this will take place beginning December 1st. NCSoft has donated enchantment stones, a special plushie and NC coins that will ultimately be awarded to the winner.
The Date this tournament will take place will be on the 1st of December: ( join for free)
Start Time:  1:30 PM PST   2:30 PM MST  3:30 PM CST   4:30 PM EST
The reward of this Battle of Kahrun
1st Prize: “Tutty n Beans” Plush Toy | 50mil Kinah        2nd Prize: 25mil Kinah      3rd Prize: 10mil Kinah
How to Join the Battle of Kahrun: frist, enter to “ epidemicgaming” website created an account, then created an account head and a team name.
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