Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SWTOR: Heroic Space Missions update 1.6

SWTOR will going to be introducing a number of new Heroic missions in Game Update 1.6 for both Imperial and Republic players available at level 50.

Heroic space missions update 1.6 will be repeatable, incredibly challenging, they goal is to make these missions worthy of the most skilled players, and completing them, and to be the greatest pilots, players also be able to get new upgrades for their ship, also can improve they skills and specialty vendors. they’ll also be adding one of they favorite changes: a missile and torpedo counter that literally reflects how much ammunition you have remaining.

Update these, star wars: the old republic has always been to make the player feel like they were taking part in the much larger struggle, hope you enjoy the game, if you want to get SWTOR game guidance and Leveling Guide, click here

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