Friday, May 17, 2013

To celebrate Diablo III’s one-year anniversary, various Giveaways and promotional Activities Successfully Held

Diablo III was originally released on May 15, 2012. In addition to this week’s buffs, fans are also celebrating with a variety of anniversary streams including giveaways. It seems like just yesterday when we were all clicking that login button only to see Error 37 as millions of excited fans simultaneously tried to log in to the servers. The game had a rocky launch and just as rocky beginning, but over the last year with multiple patches the game has been shaping up to be a really fun experience. Patch 1.0.8 just dropped and added even more things that fans have been asking for and there are even more ahead of us. If you bought Diablo 3 on launch and haven’t played it in the last 6 months, today is the day to load it up and give it a shot.
And when you decide to load up Diablo 3 our friends SteelSeries have some amazing giveaways for you. First off, I want to note that SteelSeries is having an amazing 50% off sale at the first day on all of their Diablo 3 items and for the first 250 BlizzPro fans they have a special promo code that you can use to also get a free Diablo 3 Wizard mousepad with your order. I’am glad to tell you that today is the last day, we have to fight for time to catch the last chance
Day Three Giveaway (Friday May 17, 2013) Friday they will also be giving away 2 prizes
Prize 1: SteelSeries Diablo 3 Mouse and a QcK Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Mousepad
Prize 2: SteelSeries QcK Diablo 3 Monk Mousepad
Keep an eye on the site Friday as hope you can win these prizes. Once again thanks to our sponsor SteelSeries for making all of this happened.
To celebrate an action-packed year of demon slaying, Blizzard Entertainment is kicking off Diablo III’s first birthday with BIG savings. For a limited time, you can save €20 (or £12) when you purchase Diablo III for PC/Mac via Take advantage of this epic discount to begin your adventures in the world of Sanctuary, or invite a friend to join you in your battle against the Burning Hells! Don’t delay—this offer ends May 21.For more information about game you can visit the official site.

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