Monday, May 13, 2013

Diablo 3 U.S. service brush gold continued: Players illegal gains will be donated to charity

Diablo 3 product director John Hight made a detailed explanation to the cause of the brush gold BUG incident and treatment method. All players seek BUG personal gain was frozen and banned, their ill-gotten gains (including the Blizzard sample fee) will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.
The America server after patch 1.08 online on Tuesday in a short period of time, players found through cash auction houses a BUG can copy gold COINS. The reason is that we sell gold COINS per pile cap increased from 1 million to 10 million, there is a code error, leading to the emergence of this BUG.
Selling gold overflow caused by auction cancel will bring more gold in return. Only a small number of players have such a huge amount of gold to take advantage of this loophole, at the same time, only 415 players chose to use this vulnerability to seek personal gain.
When Blizzard confirm what happened after, immediately shut down the server in the Americas and stop the gold auction house to sell services to stop this behavior. They immediately start to repair the loophole, development, test, and apply to repair to all parts of the server group, the work in the day is done. And at the same time, they ensure that in other parts of the 1.08 patch (BUG fixes) after launch on time.
Gold to sell, the auction house kept offline service has been suspended, until they finish for all transactions complete audit work within that time. When the review is completed, they immediately returned to all services.
In the process, there have a temporary freeze on all suspected of using the BUG and have duplicate accounts of COINS or items. Once you confirm the account to participate in the brush gold, they will according to the behavior of the account to freeze or back (roll back).
The vast majority of players are not involved in acts of exploitation of vulnerability, and we believe Blizzard would not punish all the players because of bad behavior of Some People.Click read more for all the game details!

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