Thursday, December 27, 2012

Guild Wars 2: the highest efficiency raiders in AC game copy

I brush AC game copy for a long time and worked with different passers groupI Would like to share with you the highest efficiency methodhope everyone explore experiences together.

The copy of AC which is divided into 3 parts.
A .Select the route to KHOLER (Thief Lord)
B. Each branch task
C. Last king Raiders

The first step is: Began to Kholer trap location
1. Jumped onto the coffin , the trap will not be in a coffin, 
2. killed the silver monsters when open the door, you should wait for a period of time to reach the NPC location, you should let one people to talk with the NPC, other peoples get down the downstairs. 
3. Careful traps on the road (red circle), less blood 2000 in one time, the Green Line is a safe route in guild wars  game. 
4.  then jumped into the wall to attack the fire trap by far.then start play, here have a small skill, when the NPC arrival, find a person to attack the small spiders ,after killed the small spiders, then killed the Spider Queen in the left door.Finished these steps,the following pictures suitable to ( steps:




Then in the terror paradise road, it’s very different, will share your experiences later blog, want to get guild gold, game guidance, leveling guide, click here.

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