Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Amazing Pet Battle in World of Warcraft


WOW game guidelines have been updated the content of pet Battle. In this new page, you can see the details of achievements and awards, was obtained when you challenge other players or tame the wild pet in pet battle.

As long as a few simple steps, you can start your career tame pet. Maybe you will embark on the ultimate pet battle master road soon,How to set up you pet clan? there are four effective experience for your reference.
1. Send the right pet against every battle is a necessary prerequisite for winning
2. Select three favorites pet from your Pet collection to Battle
3. When your pet upgrade, they can learn the unique skills and attacks!
4. To try the different combinations pet or insist on playing your favorite pet!

Pet Battle improvements, new world bosses, significant class balance changes, brand new pets and mounts, assorted bug fixes, and more will be in  World of Warcraft.

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