Monday, December 17, 2012

Guild War 2: the skills of obtain the mini pet appearance

You can use the 100 precious stones or 10/800 gem to purchase the Winter Veil box in Black Lion exchange. The box have three mini pets: a snowman, a festive golem, the toymaker's Infinirarium, may be you will get the Baby Quaggan Miniature, but small chance.
1.      Baby Quaggan Miniature
 You can use the Miniature mysterious to get the Baby Quaggan Miniature, its formulation
materials(a snowman, a festive golem or the toymaker's Infinirarium+ 50 enchanted stuffing
 2.      Mini Princess Doll: you can spend 350 gems to buy the Mini Princess Doll, o
formulation materials (250 Mystical Cogs + Princes Doll Frame + 250 Wad of Enchante
Stuffing + 250 Drops of Magic Glue in the Mystic Forge)
3.      Fancy Winter Outfit: use the 700 gems to buy, the winter veil theme package
includes: hat, coat, gloves, boots, leggings and a snowball token, so beautiful.
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