Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hallow's End is Near! what some activities in WOW

Hallow's End is Near! what some activities in world of warcraft
Observed Hallow's end near, Many tricks and treats await adventurers seeking holiday fun, including defeating the Headless Horseman, visiting inns and cities for fun items such as masks and costumes, and eating way too much candy in one sitting. Read below for more things to do during Halloween festival
1. EVENT DETAILS in World of Warcraft
When: October 18th - 31st   Where: Azeroth, Outland, Northrend
2. ACTIVITIES in hallow’s end
Once again Hallow’s End approaches, promising tricks, treats, and triumphs for boys and ghouls (heh) all across Azeroth! This year, starting on October 18th, you’ll find a special Hallow’s End. more activities details,review here 
Mounts( headless horseman’s mount) , magic broom( seasonal) , pets , hallowed wands, masks , Little Wickerman , Seasonal Food & Drinks , Achievements , Titles
To celebrate Halloween festival, we have some activities, many Pumpkins and gift and WOW gold
waiting for you, more details we will announce them in our website VIRBANKS and IGSHOPS

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